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List of Vegan brands & Guide – 2017

After I created the list of cruelty-free brands I thought that it would be useful to create a list about vegan brands too since a lot of people are always looking for them.

I did my best to research these brands. If you have any suggestions feel free to message me anytime and write a comment! 🙂 It is important to help each other so we can support these brands together.

I hope this list will help.

Logos you can trust

These logos verify that the product and its raw materials haven’t been tested on animals and doesn’t contain any ingredients from animal sources.

vegan-society-logo certified-vegan-logo

  • 1: The Vegan Society – They certificate products not companies! Products which are using their logo are test-free, vegan and they require the labeling of GMO ingredients. They do not allow any usage of ingredients of animal sources neither in the products nor in the factory itself. They offer 12 and 24-month license contracts, ensuring the regular review of certified products.
  • 2: Vegan Action – Certified Vegan -Their logo can be found only on test-free and vegan products. They also only certificate products! So you can find brands on their lists which are not vegan but produce vegan products.

vegan or not?

What to do when you are not sure about whether a brand is vegan or not?

  • I recommend you to research the ingredients used in the products so you can easily recognize them in the future and determine what is vegan and what is not.
  • Unfortunately, the unauthorized usage of these symbols happens quite often so for the sake of your own safety make sure to always check out whether the product can be found in public databases or not.
  • There are many bloggers whose are passionate about cruelty-free and vegan brands and they are always up to date by collecting fresh information about them coming directly from companies and organizations. 🙂
  • If a company doesn’t have anything to hide and they do not hide behind catchy marketing texts and stuff then they are going to answer your questions kindly and honestly.

vegan but no logo?

What about those products which are vegan but there is no logo on its packaging?

There are many reasons why a brand doesn’t display the above mentioned vegan or the CF symbols on their packaging. :

  • The product is not cruelty-free / vegan
  • The product is classified but it is not required to use the logo because they should pay an extra license fee so there are companies whose are just simply don’t live with the possibility to buy the logo. However, you can check their cruelty-free or vegan status in the databases.
  • There are cruelty-free and vegan symbols on the product but they are not similar to the above mentioned symbols.
  • Note, that the companies can ONLY change the symbols’ colors. Any other different CF and Vegan symbol can not be considered as a reliable guarantee of quality!
  • “Suitable for vegans”, “we do not support animal testing”, “100% vegan” and other different text variations.
    Text statements can not be considered as a reliable guarantee of quality as well. Almost anyone can apply these texts to their brand’s packaging without any certification organization’s compliance.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on these links and make a purchase, I receive a small commission. I use this commission to offset the costs of this blog and it is highly appreciated! However, all thoughts and opinions are my own and always will be!

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bunnyhey  ccf-choosecrueltyfree: Using the CCF Logo (Choose Cruelty-Free Australia).

Leaping Bunny Logo: Using the Leaping Bunny logo

PETA Logo: Using PETA logo

List of Vegan & Cruelty-Free brands 2017



























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