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2017 Earth Day Give Animals a Home – Plant a Tree Promotion

Is not the Earth an amazing place? It has been providing us a home to live, lovely gifts and marvelous sights for a long time now. This is a fantastic and lucky thing that we had been born to this planet. Do you agree? 🙂 I think that the most beautiful things in life are free. For me it’s a very valuable thing when I can see the sunrise at a refreshing summer morning or at a cold but wonderful winter morning. Watching the waves of the sea, getting lost in them and actually swimming in it later. This is that kind of feeling, when you get in contact with mother nature that is absolutely an indescribable feeling. The beautiful landscapes, untouched forests, lands are completely beautiful. I love to travel and take a trip and get in contact with nature. I love this planet, my home, and I will never ever leave it because nothing can compare to it. It gives us everything we need and that is enough.

100% Pure natural brand promotion

2017 Earth Day Give animals a home: Plant a tree promotion

How can you help? What to do?

At the beginning of April, 100% Pure started a new initiative where if you buy a product from their website they are going to plant a tree after each product sale.
I definitely support the idea and have already ordered some products from them. I’m already running out of some products so why not order some if I can support such an amazing promotion. If you check their site you can see that they have already planted more than 9.900 trees so far. Cool!

100% Pure Earth Day Plant a Tree Promotion

You guys are amazing! Thanks for supporting such amazing promotion. We appreciate that!

Want to be a part of it?
You can enter by buying some products from their site so they can support Trees.org promotion. Trees are very, very important and essential for us! If we will not act in TIME it can lead to terrible things. They produce oxygen and give homes to the animals, insects and birds as well. Don’t take it from them!

I would like to ask everyone to support this promotion at least until the Day of Earth (22. Apr). You don’t have to purchase in huge amounts… it is already enough if you buy 1 or 2 products from them. 🙂 + You will receive a full set of 5 sheet masks (Ginseng Collagen Boost Mask) with every order over $90 for FREE! The shipping is also free above $50 or the Rush Shipping above $85. Isn’t it worth it? Yes, it is!

Let’s help the animals and the planet together. Are you in?

Don’t have idea what to buy? Read more below…

Every single product on their site is cruelty-free, organic, natural and nontoxic. Only healthy products for your body! 🙂 Their packaging is recycled and BPA free.

100% Pure Maracuja Oil Mascara

Maracuja Oil Mascara

The best organic mascara ever! Besides that I love this product, it is healthy and nourishing for my eye lashes. I have never met such a great natural mascara before so this become my favorite. It has an amazing scent like I want to eat it. Actually, it will not harm my body if I taste it but I don’t recommend you because it doesn’t taste good (Yes, I tried. :D). It contains only natural fruit pigments, oils and extracts that hydrates and nourish your eye lashes. If you have used a lot of toxic mascaras before then I’m sure this product will fix your eye lash problems. You should switch to this one. It also lasts long and easy to use.

100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

The magical product that everybody loves. I have written about it few times before and all I could say that it is amazing and works just as promised. I started using this product about 4-5 months ago and seriously my dark circles disappeared. It’s a magical item that I can truly recommend for everybody. It also helps soothe your fine lines. If it’s not a marvelous product then I don’t know what it is.

100% Pure honey and virgin coconut shampoo

Honey&Virgin Coconut Shampoo

I’m obsessed with this product, I loooove it so much! One and a half years ago I used some other organic shampoo that always left my hair heavy, sticky and oily. It was so bad and honestly it destroyed my confidence a bit too. I was so happy when I found out about this shampoo and started using it. Thanks to this product my hair is healthy, silky, shiny and you know all the great stuff again. : D To be honest, their products always worked just as promised and it never made me disappointed. My favorite is the coconut scented one because it is helps strengthen my hair and prevents hair fragmentation.
That’s why I love one of their newest product the Pro Vitamin B5 Hair Serum.

100% Pure Bamboo Blur Moisturizer

Bamboo blur tinted moisturizer

Their newest product is the bamboo blur tinted moisturizer that hydrates your skin while providing lightweight formula. Absolutely amazing and recommended to buy for everyone who loves a soft matte finish. It is made from bamboo silica just like their bamboo blur powder which is amazing for oily skin. Bamboo silica also diffuses pores and smoothes fine lines. This is just a great tinted moisturizer that works well and stays on all day long. You gotta try it! 🙂

Let’s plant trees that gives us fresh air, fruits and home for animals.

This post contains affiliate links. Every link will open in a new tab. If any of the links do not seem to work please disable the blocking of cookies. Most of the time, you can do this in your browser or anti-viral software. By clicking on affiliate links I earn a small commission so I really really appreciate your support and help guys if you purchase through my links. ♥ 🙂 Thank you!

P.S: Lucky thing, if you buy above $90 you are going to receive a 5-Pack Ginseng Collagen Boost mask for free! Isn’t it more than cool?

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