Why should you switch to natural & organic beauty products {Youtube video}

why should you switch to natural organic beauty products?
Hi my dear friends,

Few posts earlier I wrote about why should you switch to natural & organic beauty products and yesterday I edited my very first video about it. I thought that it would be an awesome idea if I could create youtube videos for my posts too so I thought that the above mentioned post would be an awesome first step for me. Do you agree? 🙂 There are still a lot of people who don’t really understand why they should switch or how to switch. It’s more than just being good for your health. You know, there are a lot of companies just telling you to buy their stuff because it is good and perfect for you but they don’t tell us why really are their products sooo good as they are telling to us… and also, there are a lot of green washed brands as well… So watch out! I think we need more detailed information aside from it is good for us.That is the reason why I’m not surprised when a potential costumer will not choose natural beauty products because they didn’t get that message, that good information, explanation about these cosmetics.

I’m passionate about natural organic beauty and healthy living and I do really love to talk about it. I would love to share more and more interesting information with you guys and help. It’s my mission to help.


I’m super excited to share this video with you because first of all, this is my very first uploaded youtube video in my whole life and second, I really tried my best to explain why everybody should switch to natural beauty products. I know that there are still a lot of reasons but I didn’t want to create a long video for the first time. I would really appreciate if you could share this video and subscribe to my channel. Please, if you have any suggestions, concerns, ideas what to do for my next video just tell me. Write comments or use my contact from. I’m happy to hear more from you and I promise, I will always try my very best. I have a lot ideas in my mind but it would be awesome if you would share your ideas with me too so I can create more and more super videos. ♥

Thank you. 🙂 ♥

I hope you liked it!

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Tiffany Griffin

This video is amazing. I love it! It’s so informative, and your voice is so calming. 🙂