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The differences between BB Cream and CC Cream

What to buy: BB cream or CC Cream?

We all know about the famous BB cream story that have came from Asia, where they called this little miracle as a “beauty balm”. Originally, the main product is from Germany but Asians were the first ones who hyped it and started to develop it first. In Asia they called it first as “Blemish Balm”, it was the original name. So why are we still calling it “Beauty Balm”? you may ask. Well, it was actually a misunderstanding because in America the word blemish can means acne as well but most BB Creams can’t really help with that so in order to avoid misunderstandings they changed its name to “Beauty Balm”.

In case of CC Creams, it means “Color Corrector” and of course, they wanted to carry on the BB Cream’s success. They have thicker coverage so most companies put more pigments into these creams and release it as CC Creams. I don’t know it for sure, but we can say that if you put more pigments into your BB cream you can call it as a CC cream.

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Organic natural BB creams

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What’s the difference between BB cream and CC cream?

Usually Asian BB Creams contain more anti-oxidants and skin-whitening ingredients than the western ones and the regular foundations and also, typically they are high in titanium-dioxide and zinc-oxide. Despite the luxurious and great ingredients in them you can not shorten your skin care routine with them. You should always prepare your skin fully before applying any makeup on your face. Most European BB creams usually contain only one sun block component so consumers should always invest in a sunscreen.

CC Creams main purpose is color correction so just as I said above most companies only put more pigments into BB creams and then they release it as CC cream. CC creams usually have the same amount of sun protection but they do not contain any other mention-able extra ingredients.

100% Pure BB cream

{1. 100% Pure BB Cream – 10 Luminious, 20 Aglow, 30 Radiance photo by 100% Pure}

Which one should you buy?

Despite the fact that a big revolutionary innovation didn’t happen we can say, that there are great BB and CC creams on the market. First of all, the best you can do is to know what you’re expecting from them. If you want a bit thicker coverage than a tinted moisturizer and a foundation like coverage, then try BB creams and if you want a more pigmented, thicker coverage then try CC creams. Of course, do not ignore your skin type so always try to choose a foundation or a moisturizer that fits well to your skin type. And of course, you should always check other’s opinions about the actual products you are looking for so you will know how the actual product behaves on a similar skin type to yours.

100% Pure BB cream swatches

{1. 100% Pure BB Cream – 10 Luminious, 20 Aglow, 30 Radiance photo by 100% Pure}

A foundation that will work

The most important thing that you should know is that our skin is our largest organ. If you buy conventional products that contain a lot of harsh chemicals and other crappy things that your skin literally hates, then you are going to have acne problems, skin irritations, your skin can become sensitive or worse… You should care about your health. Do not put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. Keep in mind! 🙂 Switch to natural organic cosmetics because they are healthy, good for your skin and they are high in beneficial nutrients like vitamins, oils, fruits, vegetable extracts and so on. They don’t contain any synthetic components and artificial fragrances either.

What kind of BB/ CC cream do you use? 🙂 What’s your favorite? Tell me about your experiences.

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whats the difference between bb cream and cc cream organic natural bb creams

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