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How to set up your skin care routine?

A post earlier I explained and wrote a detailed post about how to keep your skin healthy and youthful with a lot of awesome all natural organic product recommendations. Since that post I’ve been thinking about why not to write about how to set up your own personalized skin care routine. You can see a lot of different posts on the internet about good skin care routine tips but in my opinion it would be better if you would be the one who put together the product you really need.

Everyone’s skin is different and even if two people seemingly has the same skin, it is not sure that the actual serum or moisturizer will give them the perfect result. I think the best way to care about your skin is to put those products together that has those ingredients that will benefit you greatly. 🙂

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Let’s see step by step

1. Determine your skin type

If you are not sure about your skin type try not to use anything on your skin for at least 1-2 days and after examine your skin: Is it itchy and stretches? – it is dry. If it feels good, you can’t see any over shine on your face and it doesn’t itchy then it is normal. If you can see that it shines only on your T-zone then it is combination and if it shines everywhere then it is oily. Pro Tip: if you are not sure about the shine, try to press a clean handkerchief onto your face and inspect the oil stains on it.

2. Determine your skin problems by priority

I think it is not a difficult step 🙂 we usually know what our problems are and many of us have at least one. Try to pick products that ingredients are great for not only your skin type but for your problem as well. There are a lot of great ingredients that will help your skin in healing and regenerating.

So focus on those ingredients that are great for your problems and will heal your skin. Shop organic natural skin care products!

3. What ingredients should you use for your problems?

Just as I said above, it is very important in skin care to know what ingredients you can use on your skin and cannot. Rose water and other rose, rose hip extracts are great for sensitive skin and against acne. It is calming and soothing. Retinol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and other great anti-oxidants are great against aging, Tea tree oil is really good against acne and so on. 🙂 Learn more about ingredients and how to use them well and what are those you should skip.

For me serums are the best bet because they contain active ingredients that is awesome and really supports my skin.

Serum recommendations:

4. Skip toxins

I almost always mention in my posts that you should always avoid toxic chemicals. It does matter what you put on your skin since your skin is your largest organ and it really 30 seconds is all it takes to absorb the thing you put on it. Always buy, but really.. always buy natural organic skin care products. Skin problems are happen in today’s world because a lot of people are unhealthy.

Organic skin care products alone can’t save you! You MUST eat and drink organic nutritious food. Eat more fats because our body literally craves them for example our brain mostly consist of fat and cholesterol (but good cholesterol). Try to skip those food and drink that are high in carbohydrates because they are very bad for our health and body. What are carbohydrates? – everything that contains sugar.: baked products, fruits, vegetables, sweets and so on. I’m not saying stop eating these because you don’t need to. But if you want a healthier skin and body, you should lower the intake and also you’ll loose a lot of weight. 😉 Eating a lot of carbohydrates causes a lot of health problems tho for example dental damage, nausea, overweight, headache, diabetes, cancer, bad breath and so on. Please always pay attention to what you eat!
I’ll write about these things in another post more. 🙂

So if you just started to eat healthy don’t expect miracles. Your body needs time, years to detox itself. I ate a lot of crap in the past… I started eating only healthy organic food 2 years ago. Yes, definitely I feel so much better but I know and I do feel that I’m still not the healthiest. 🙂 I’m much more healthier then I was but I still need time to get better and better. Never give up!  It is really hard because you can’t know what your food contains expect you are the one who cooked it. 🙂 If you buy fast food, drink soda and other artificial drinks and stuff you are going to become unhealthier and it will show up on your skin too. Do you know what is the function of our skin? It not only protects us but it also does detox our body. Our skin is in the FIRST place that our body choose where it does release the unwanted toxins from our body. So if you eat crap and so many unhealthy dishes and artificial drinks then you will have acne problems, you are going to gain weight and so on. The other thing I should mention, that those toxins that our body can’t release, it stock up in our body’s fat. So when you detox your body or work out you are going to feel bad because those bad things are released in your body.

My skin care routine

  • Skin type: normal (during my menstruation it become a bit combination)
  • Skin problems: Actually I don’t really have, only some hormonal pimple 1 week before menstruation and some fine lines under my eyes that I hate. 😀
  • Favorite ingredients: rose extract, rosehip oil, cucumber juice, aloe juice, grape seed oil, Vitamin C, coffee beans, honey, fruit and vegetable extracts and oh… I have so many ingredients I love to use. When my forehead is a little bit oily I use it a few drops of peppermint oil because it has an awesome drying nature and if I have some hormonal acne I always use tea tree oil on them. It really helps! 😉
  • Favorite skin care products: cleanser, exfoliator, mask and serum.

In the morning

  1. Cleansing – I love using foams and balms too. My new favorite is the Blood Orange Cleansing balm from 100% Pure. It really is a unique product and it washes away everything and my skin feels so good after using it. 🙂 It also has an awesome scent! My another favorite is from Leahlani Skincare, their honey love 3-in-1 is awesome.
  2. Mask – I always love to use it because it is refreshing and really hydrating for my skin. I always leave it at least 10-15 minutes on my face. Favorite: caffeine mask and green tea water bomb mask from 100% Pure. I also love using the mermaid mask and the Meli glow illuminating nectar mask both from Leahlani Skincare. These masks are that REALLY worked for me, nourished my skin and healed it well. I couldn’t find a better one yet.
  3. Tonic – Because of pH balance and to refresh my skin. I also love spray it around me 😀 just for fun. My current favorite is the Tea tree and Willow from 100% Pure and the Bohemian Ruby Balancing Toner from Leahlani Skincare. <3 Another wonderful toners worth a try: Restorative Sea Culture Hydrating Toner for all skin types, Fermented Rice Water Toner for brighten up and even your skin tone.
  4. Serum – Serums are so good because they have active ingredients and cold-pressed oils in it. They are amazing for every skin and recommend using them. I think there are a lot of options for every skin type and this is the product, the step that I will never ever skip. Literally after using a serum my skin looks more even and youthful and I love it. They prevent aging as well. My all time favorite one is the Champagne serum from Leahlani Skincare. It’s just an awesome product ladies! I also do love their Mahina evening replenishing elixir with chia seed oil and lots of yummy ingredients. 😉
  5. Eye cream – I use only 1 eye cream currently but it works awesome. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about it before but if you don’t then let me tell you I’m using the coffee bean caffeine eye cream from 100% Pure and it is  a m a z i n g. YES! I had dark circles and I didn’t know what to do against them since that point I saw and bought this product. I use it every morning and night, it is an important part of my skin care routine. Goodbye dark circles~ 😀
  6. Sunscreen? – sometimes I use it. When I do I go for the Yerba Mate from 100% Pure. When I’m planning to stay for a long time under the sun I put on some sunscreen but if I don’t go out I’m not using it. Even if I just go out for few minutes I don’t use them either. I know that protecting your skin against sun damage is very important but I do think that staying maximum 20 minutes under the sun will not hurt. Only the sun can produce us enough vitamin D and this vitamin is ESSENTIAL for our body. More than 80% of people have vitamin D deficiency and more people died in cause of it than in cancer. It is something unavoidable. Of course you don’t want your skin sunburned but while you eating your breakfast or just go for something to the nearest shop I think it won’t hurt. I have never used any sunscreen when I was a child and I played a LOT in the garden, under the sun in summer. I only used when I went to the beach or aqua park and I have no skin care problems at all. I’ve wrote in details about natural sunscreens here.

In the evening

Almost the same.

  1. Cleansing
  2. Exfoliating (once a week) – I exfoliate once a week but I have read a lot about skin and our skin changes itself in every 28 days so maybe it would be enough to exfoliate 1-2 times a month?!. What do you think about it? Exfoliating once a week works pretty good for me but I think maybe I’ll try and see what happens if I do it only 1-2 times in a month.
  3. Tonic
  4. Serum
  5. Eye cream
  6. And not always but usually I use some moisturizer too. I love face creams because they are not heavy but I also do love using body creams or balms. My holy grail is the Beauty Balm from Leahlani Skincare. Oh god, this is an awesome product. It is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and extracts, it also contains blue tansy oil which is super good against aging. Honestly you should try it, you won’t regret. Don’t let it fool you that it is a balm! 😉 It is not heavy and literally heals and nourish your skin and it is absorbed soon.

That’s it ladies. I hope you liked this post, thanks for being here. 🙂 If you liked it please share it, I’d really appreciate your support.

I hope I could give you some inspiration. Good luck and have a nice day!

If you have any questions feel free to comment, I’d love to hear more from you. 🙂 What is your skin care routine? What products do you use? Do you have any advice for others? 🙂

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