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Short history behind cosmetic industry

Did you know that before the appearance of huge cosmetic companies people used to use natural ingredients in their cosmetic products?

History Behind Cosmetic Industry

Ancient Egyptians were the first people who started using makeup and it took an integral part in their health and hygiene. They used minerals for makeup and various scented oils like thyme, chamomile, lavender, peppermint, marjoram, myrrh, rosemary, olive oil, almond oil, sesame oil and rose to soften and clean their skin. These herbs were also the basic ingredients of their perfumes, body butters and creams. They often created body oils and butters.

Ancient Chinese people started using gum Arabic, beeswax, gelatin and egg on their fingernails. The colors also represented their social class. In addition, Asian people used to use rice powder to make their faces more white and bright.

In Rome, people often used to put barley flour and butter on their skin to avoid acne.

See? Cosmetic industry wasn’t that toxic like now. They always tried to use the best quality to stay healthy and to make their people respect them as Gods because of their look.
Producing natural products is a very difficult thing in today’s world because the population has grown and it is very hard to create only organic products. Natural foods just can’t follow the huge demand and companies can’t recreate them as fast as the synthetic ones. That is the reason why natural and organic products are much more expensive and other companies decided to synthesize.

But you know, I think that this is normal that we should wait for natural things. It’s like a human being doesn’t grow up in a mere 1 or 2 years. Sounds creepy, right? We always have to wait for the best and the healthiest and that’s okay.

6 Reasons to switch to Natural Cosmetics - Natural beauty

Why would you use them if they are causing you a lot of trouble?

Cosmetic products are very important in our life because they help us to highlighting our nicest features on our face and help nourish and hydrate our skin for example, with body butters and creams.

But apart from it, you don’t have to sacrifice your own health for it. It is just not worth it. Regular cosmetic products are full with toxic ingredients that will cause you a lot of break outs, skin cancer, brown stains, skin irritation and so on. Why would you use them if they are causing you a lot of trouble? You want to hide your acne scars with your foundation but exactly that toxic foundation will cause you more and more acne and irritation. Please think before you act.

In contrast to organic products they will not only not cause you break outs but they are definitely going to heal and nourish your skin. I am not saying this because I am biased about them. This is a well-known thing and I have watched a lot of videos about people who switched to organic makeup and skincare and they had only good opinions about it. Their skin literally changed and their mood too. 🙂

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Thanks for reading this post and sticking with me! 🙂 have a nice day.

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