100% Pure Lip Butter Giveaway For A Kissable February


 Do you want to try some organic, natural and fruit pigmented lip butters? Now this is your chance to get two lip butters from 100% Pure‘s amazing lip butter line in shade Peach and Pomegranate plus you are going to get their newest retractable cruelty free lip brush which is so soft and gentle to your lips! Valentine’s Day is coming and these lip colors are the best choice for it! 😉 100% Pure‘s lip butters are ultra-moisturizing base of organic avocado, shea and cocoa butters. These amazing organic butters will give your lips anti-oxidants and vitamins which is really…

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Hydrate your body through food

 Hydrate your body with fruits and vegetables! Had you ever been thinking about hydrating not only your skin but your body? Here is a list for you! It is a really important thing to do since not only your skin needs hydration but your body as well. If you hydrate yourself regularly, your skin is going to look more vibrant, soft and I am sure that your fine lines are going to disappear! First of all the most important thing is to drink a lot of water often throughout the day! You should drink about 4-5 liters a day. I’m…

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Why eat chia everyday? – The perfect breakfast!

 What is Chia and why is it so important to eat everyday? The chia seeds are from the Aztec culture where the warriors ate it to give them high energy and persistence. They ate 1 spoonful of chia seeds everyday, so it helped them during the day. Actually in the Mayan language Chia means “strength” and it was known as the “runners food”. This food was really a basic nourishment for the Aztec culture. Chia is a superfood. A lot of vitamins and anti-oxidants can be found in it. The nutrition profile: Protein Omega-3 fatty acids (4915 mg) Omega-6 fatty…

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Leahlani skincare haul


 I got my Leahlani products in January. To be honest I didn’t expect that I will love these products so much like I am now. I was sure about their products are pretty good and it would be great for my skin so I wanted to give a try. After I’ve got my products and used it for weeks I was totally impressed and I highly recommend them for everybody. I love their brand, keep up the amazing work! I have ordered 3 products and get a free gift with my order. I have the Champagne Serum and 2 organic…

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100% Pure little haul – for dry skin types

 I couldn’t wait to share my December picks with you guys! I ordered 3 products from 100% Pure at the beginning of December but because of this is a holiday season too they couldn’t send the items within 2 weeks which is all right. I got 2 samples as a gift from them which is a kelp&mint shampoo and it’s great because I always wanted to try their kelp & mint volumizing shampoo. 🙂 What have I ordered? I have ordered a coconut body cream, coffee bean caffeine eye cream and a lysine + herbs lip balm.  The weather here…

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Ready to kick off 2017 with less toxins and chemicals?

 Do you wanna try something great for your skin but natural with a great price? 😀 This time you have the opportunity to buy a lot 100% Pure products on a great price with great offers. Your beauty routine is a great place to start! Almost 13,000 chemicals are found in cosmetics. Make the switch to 100% Pure – an all-natural, toxin-free and cruelty free cosmetic and skincare company. Learn more AND see which products are 60% off for a limited time. This month they had several events with discounts which is pretty good because you know, 100% Pure isn’t…

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