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List of Cruelty-free Brands + Guide – 2017

Ultimate Guide to cruelty-free brands 2017

300+ Cruelty-free brands

I always wanted to write about cruelty-free brands because I think its very important which are cruelty-free and I know that this list will help a lot of people since not everybody has a lot of free time to research a brand before buying.

I did my best to research these brands, the list is going to be continuously updated. If you think that a brand is cruelty-free but it’s not on this list then you can suggest me brands which are cruelty-free in the comments or you can e-mail me using the contact form. It is important to help each other so we can support the cruelty-free brands and boycott the cruel animal testers.

In my opinion in this world we do not need any animal testing because we already have the technology to test the products or their ingredients. Testing on animals is a cruel and heartless thing. We also have a lot of research about ingredients which don’t need any animal test since they are proven to be safe by chemists and scientists.

Another thing is that if a brand using only natural and organic ingredients which nature gave us it means that product is safe and it doesn’t requires any animal testing.

How do I know if a brand is cruelty-free?

We distinguish brands which are certified by PETA, certified by the Leaping Bunny and those whose are not using the logos but are cruelty-free. Anytime you are not secure about a brand is cruelty-free or not you can always write an email and ask them if they are or not.

Logos you can trust

Leaping Bunny cruelty-free PETA Logo - cruelty-free brands list Not Tested On Animals Australia

  1. Leaping Bunny (CCIC)
    – The CCIC promotes a single comprehensive standard and an internationally recognized Leaping Bunny Logo. They work with companies to help make shopping for animal-friendly products easier and more trustworthy.
  2. Beauty without Bunnies (PETA)
    – PETA believes that animals have rights and deserve to have their best interests taken into consideration, regardless of whether they are useful to humans. Like you, they are capable of suffering and have an interest in leading their own lives. They grant 2 special logos, one for if a product is cruelty-free and for vegan products.
  3. Choose Cruelty Free (CCF)
    – An independent, non-profit organisation based in Australia, which actively campaigns for an end to animal testing of cosmetics, toiletries and other household products.

Is there any difference between PETA & Leaping Bunny?

To get PETA certificated one must fill a short questionnaire and make a statement about not testing final products or their ingredients on animals.
On the other hand, to get Leaping Bunny certificate one must not just make a statement about not testing final products or their ingredients on animals but must also agree that undercover Leaping Bunny employees may visit anytime to check on them.

Read more about on the official sites:

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on these links and make a purchase, I receive a small commission. I use this commission to offset the costs of this blog and it is highly appreciated! However, all thoughts and opinions are my own and always will be!

The list

Please note that companies change their policies all the time so the list can change. If you have any information about a brand is no longer cruelty-free or just become CF please contact me using the form or write a comment below. ?

I also haven’t included those brands on this list whose are selling their products in China, since the Chinese law strictly requires imported products to be tested on animals.

Hope this list helps!

Use ctrl+F and type what brand you are looking for. (on windows)


100% Pure Leaping Bunny Logo

#MPVR Leaping Bunny Logo


A Perfume Organic PETA Logo

Acure Organics Leaping Bunny Logo


Adorn Cosmetics PETA Logo

Aesop PETA Logo

Aenea Cosmetics PETA Logo

Afterglow Cosmetics PETA LogoLeaping Bunny Logo

Agronauti Cosmetics

Alima Pure Leaping Bunny Logo

Alba Botanica Leaping Bunny Logo

Amanda Ross Leaping Bunny Logo

Andalou Naturals Leaping Bunny Logo

Amika PETA Logo

Anastasia Beverly HillsPETA Logo


Ancient Formulas

Anna LotanPETA Logo


Antónia Burrell


April Aromatics

Arctic FoxPETA Logo

ArdellPETA Logo

Argan RepublicPETA Logo

AromiLeaping Bunny LogoPETA Logo

AstonishLeaping Bunny Logo

Aspen CleanLeaping Bunny Logo

Au Naturale CosmeticsPETA Logo

Aubrey OrganicsLeaping Bunny Logo

AuroméreLeaping Bunny Logo

Avalon OrganicsLeaping Bunny Logo

AvrilPETA Logo

AttitudePETA Logo

AzaturePETA Logo



Balm BalmLeaping Bunny Logo

Bare OrganicsPETA Logo

Bare BlossomPETA Logo

Bare Minerals PETA Logo

Bare Bones Body care PETA Logo


Beauty Blender

Beauty without CrueltyLeaping Bunny Logo


Better BotanicalsLeaping Bunny Logo

BH CosmeticsLeaping Bunny Logo

Biesecker Body CareLeaping Bunny Logo

BITE BeautyLeaping Bunny Logo

Botanic OrganicLeaping Bunny Logo

Buckaroo OrganicsPETA Logo

BuxomPETA Logo

BYS CosmeticsPETA Logo


California NorthLeaping Bunny Logo

CALM Skin careLeaping Bunny Logo

C.O Bigelow PETA Logo

Cake BeautyPETA Logo

California BabyPETA Logo

Cailyn CosmeticsLeaping Bunny Logo

Clean Kiss OrganicsLeaping Bunny Logo


Charlotte Tilbury

Cherry EssentialsPETA Logo

Chi Chi CosmeticsPETA Logo

China GlazePETA Logo

City Color CosmeticsPETA Logo

CleanwellPETA Logo

ColourpopPETA Logo

Concrete MineralsLeaping Bunny Logo

Crystal DeodorantLeaping Bunny Logo

Crazy RumorsPETA Logo


D. Benoit CosmeticsPETA Logo

Deborah Lippmann

Deep SteepLeaping Bunny LogoPETA Logo

DEP MakeupPETA Logo

DermAffectLeaping Bunny Logo

Desert EssenceLeaping Bunny Logo

Dose of Colors

Dr. BriteLeaping Bunny Logo

Dr. BronnerLeaping Bunny Logo

Dr. BotanicalsPETA Logo

Dr. Dennis GrossPETA Logo

Dr. Hauschka

Drunk Elephant

Drifter OrganicsLeaping Bunny Logo

DrybarLeaping Bunny Logo


Earth’s BeautyLeaping Bunny Logo

Earth GlamourLeaping Bunny Logo

EavaraLeaping Bunny Logo

Eco ToolsPETA Logo

E.L.F CosmeticsPETA Logo

Elate Clean CosmeticsLeaping Bunny Logo

Elea BlakeLeaping Bunny Logo

Elemental HerbsLeaping Bunny Logo

Elevé CosmeticsLeaping Bunny Logo

Ella + MilaPETA Logo

ElixeryLeaping Bunny Logo

ElloviPETA Logo

Emerald EssentialsLeaping Bunny Logo

EO Products Leaping Bunny Logo


Everyday MineralsLeaping Bunny Logo


Eyeko London


FACE AtelierLeaping Bunny Logo

Face it NaturalPETA Logo

Fairy GirlPETA LogoLeaping Bunny Logo


FAR BotanicalsLeaping Bunny Logo

Fitglow BeautyLeaping Bunny Logo

Fiona Stiles BeautyPETA Logo

FlowerPETA Logo

Forever Living ProductsLeaping Bunny Logo

Foster NaturalsLeaping Bunny Logo

French Girl


Gabriel CometicsLeaping Bunny LogoPETA Logo

GiovanniLeaping Bunny Logo

GIO CosmeticsPETA Logo

Gemstone OrganicLeaping Bunny Logo

Green LoveLeaping Bunny Logo

Glamour DollsLeaping Bunny Logo


GoshPETA Logo

GÜDLeaping Bunny Logo


Hard Candy

HAN Skin care CosmeticsPETA LogoLeaping Bunny Logo

HANA Organic Skin carePETA Logo

Hanami CosmeticsPETA Logo


Herbivore BotanicalsLeaping Bunny Logo

Hurraw! BalmLeaping Bunny Logo

Hush + DottiLeaping Bunny Logo

Honeybee GardensPETA Logo

HourglassPETA Logo



ILIALeaping Bunny Logo

Indie LeeLeaping Bunny Logo


InikaPETA Logo

It’s a 10 HaircareLeaping Bunny Logo


Jade Lilly Leaping Bunny Logo

Jane IredalePETA LogoLeaping Bunny Logo

JASÖNLeaping Bunny Logo

Jeffree Star

Jordana CosmeticsLeaping Bunny Logo

John Masters

Josie MaranPETA Logo

Jovovo NaturalsLeaping Bunny Logo

J.R. WatkinsLeaping Bunny Logo



Kaia Naturals

Kahina Giving BeauyLeaping Bunny Logo

Kat von DPETA Logo

Kat BurkiLeaping Bunny Logo

Katherine CosmeticsPETA Logo


KireiPETA Logo

Kett CosmeticsLeaping Bunny Logo

Kevin MurphyPETA Logo

KINXLeaping Bunny Logo

Kiss my faceLeaping Bunny Logo

Kjaer Weis

Kora OrganicsPETA Logo


KryolanPETA Logo


Laia Skincare Leaping Bunny Logo

LatherLeaping Bunny Logo

LavanilaPETA Logo

Lauren BrookeLeaping Bunny Logo

Lethal CosmeticsPETA Logo

Level NaturalsLeaping Bunny Logo

Lily LoloPETA Logo

Live CleanLeaping Bunny Logo

Liz EarleLeaping Bunny Logo

LogonaPETA Logo

Lalila Beauty

Leahlani Skincare


LustPETA Logo

Lulu Blossom


Loving Tan

Lovetica Beauty

Luxie Beauty



Mad Hippie

Made from Earth

MahaloLeaping Bunny Logo

Makeup Geek

Madam GlamLeaping Bunny Logo

Madison ReedLeaping Bunny Logo

Malaya Organics

MANNALeaping Bunny Logo

Manic PanicPETA Logo

Marilou bio

MarulaLeaping Bunny Logo

Maya CosmeticsPETA Logo

MD GlamLeaping Bunny Logo

MD FormulationsPETA Logo

Meow Cosmetics

Metamour Skincare

Melt CosmeticsLeaping Bunny Logo

Meow Meow TweetLeaping Bunny Logo

MethodLeaping Bunny Logo

Merle NormanPETA Logo

Mia RoseLeaping Bunny Logo

MILANILeaping Bunny Logo

Mineral Hygienics


Modern Minerals

Mineral FusionLeaping Bunny Logo

Mooi LabLeaping Bunny Logo

Moon Juice

Molton BrownLeaping Bunny Logo

MULONDONLeaping Bunny Logo


MuradPETA Logo

MV Organic Skincare

My Konjac SpongeLeaping Bunny Logo

My Daughter Fragrances





Natasha Denona


Natra care


Nature’s GateLeaping Bunny Logo


No miss

Nourish OrganicLeaping Bunny Logo

Nonie of Beverly Hills

North Coast Organics

Not a Sponge

Nubian HeritagePETA Logo

Nude by Nature


Nurture My Body


NYL SkincarePETA Logo

NYR OrganicsLeaping Bunny Logo


Nzuri Organics


Obsessive Compulsive CosmeticsPETA Logo


OFRA Cosmetics


Ole Henriksen PETA Logo

One Love OrganicsPETA Logo



Organic Beauty NowPETA Logo

Organic Colour Systems PETA Logo


Osmia OrganicsPETA Logo

Out of AfricaLeaping Bunny Logo

OZ NaturalsLeaping Bunny Logo

Overall Beauty Minerals


PacificaPETA Logo

PAILeaping Bunny Logo

Pangea Organics

Paul MitchellLeaping Bunny Logo

Paula’s ChoiceLeaping Bunny Logo

PHB Ethical BeautyPETA Logo

Physicians FormulaPETA Logo




Priti NYC

PuroBIO Cosmetics

Pure Skin Food

Pur MineralsPETA Logo


Queen HeleneLeaping Bunny Logo


Radical Skincare

Real Techniques

RMS Beauty


Red Apple Lipstick

Rouge Bunny Rouge


SAMANA NaturalsLeaping Bunny Logo

SantePETA Logo

Schmidt’s Natural DeodorantsLeaping Bunny Logo

Scrub Love

SibuLeaping Bunny Logo

Shea MoisturePETA Logo

Silk NaturalsPETA Logo

Skinny SpongePETA Logo



SugarpillPETA Logo

SukiLeaping Bunny Logo



TatchaPETA Logo

Tata HarperPETA LogoLeaping Bunny Logo

The Balm

The Body ShopLeaping Bunny Logo

Too FacedPETA Logo

Tsi~La Organics


Urban DecayLeaping Bunny Logo

Uoga Uoga


Vapour BeautyLeaping Bunny Logo

Vegan Beauty CosmeticsPETA Logo


Vered Organic BotanicalsLeaping Bunny Logo


W3ll PeoplePETA Logo

Wen By Chaz DeanLeaping Bunny Logo

WhishLeaping Bunny Logo

Wet n WildLeaping Bunny Logo


YarokLeaping Bunny Logo

Yes toLeaping Bunny Logo




Zuii OrganicPETA Logo

ZuZu LuxeLeaping Bunny Logo

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