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How to keep your skin healthy and youthful – The Basics

how to keep your skin healthy and youthful - basic skin careIf you are serious about skin care then everything starts with a well compiled skin care routine. A simple routine starts with the usual steps: cleansing, toning, hydrating and UV protection but a more professional usually includes exfoliating, mask and serum too. It is advisable to buy products that are great and suits well to your skin type. Sometimes there are some exceptions, like I have a product that is for oily skin and I have combination skin and it worked well for me because it doesn’t dry out my skin. But primary always buy those that are good for your skin type. 🙂

Okay, so let’s look at the steps in brief:

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Whatever is your skin type you should always clean it properly. The purpose of cleaning your skin is to remove makeup, dirt, dust and unwanted sebum. I recommend you to always cleanse your skin thoroughly in the evening. The best cleansers are those that are mild and don’t contain alcohol and any irritating components like synthetic fragrances, SLS and so on. Natural cleansers are very gentle to your skin and they wash away impurities very well. They usually contain many beneficial ingredients like oils, vitamins, purified water and hydrosols.
Best cleansers:


Toning became really popular recently. They remove the last remnants of makeup, oil, dirt and face wash and they also restore the skin pH balance. Our skin is slightly acidic and cleansers and toners are usually alkaline. People are usually using toners more likely out of habit, because it smells great and it is very refreshing after you spray them on your face. Don’t buy toners that contain alcohol because it can dry out your skin quickly. Choose an alcohol-free and one that helps your skin regenerating after cleansing. Natural toners usually contain hydrosols and aloe juice that is very good for your skin. They are often packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and fruit or vegetable extracts.
Best toners:


Whatever your skin type is, it is very important that your moisturizer should always contain components that are especially great for your skin for example: vitamins, anti-oxidants, fruit and vegetable extracts and those components that encourages your cells to the correct behavior (like to produce more collagen). Dry skin types should choose heavier creams while oily skin types should pick lightweight or gel formulas. I think oily skin types don’t necessarily need to buy a moisturizer since their skin produced a lot of vitamin E and some anti-oxidants.
Best moisturizers:

Sun Protection

If you are going to stay out for a long time under sun and you don’t want to get sunburned then you should always care about sun protection. You can use foundations that contain sunblock or you can buy one alone. It is definitely worth paying attention to UVA and UVB protection but if you don’t know which one is what it means and you don’t really understand what is spf and you have another many questions then don’t worry because I’ve wrote a great post about sun protection more specifically and I hope I’ll answer all your questions.
Best sunblocks:


The main purpose of exfoliators are to remove stratum corneumon i.e. the dead cells on the outermost layer of the skin. Why is it so important? When you remove dead cells, your skin is going to feel fresher, smoother, newer and more even and also the ingredients in serums and moisturizers can much more easier and better absorb to your skin. In case of oily skin types, exfoliators can decrease fat production as well. According to the most common advice, you can use exfoliators 1-2 times a week but there are some people whose are using it every day. I think it is too much, for me 2 times a week is perfectly fine. I love exfoliators because they really do their job and I love that how my skin looks after exfoliating it. 🙂 In my opinion, the best ones are the sugar based, they really work. I don’t recommend you to buy chemical ones because you know they almost always contain harsh chemicals that are very bad for your skin and since exfoliators remove dead cells, those bad components can EASILY get absorbed to your warm, fresh, recently washed skin instantly. Not a good idea. Natural ones always contain vitamins and many other beneficial ingredients that your skin needs. 🙂 They are the best bet.
Best sunblocks:


I do love using serums. They usually contain a LOT of vitamins and anti-oxidant rich oils that I personally love and appreciate. You should always use them on a clean skin so the best time to use them is after having a bath or shower because your skin is already warm and recently washed. Serum is always included in my skincare routine and I always use them after a bath. So make sure that it is before applying any hydrating cream. My favorite ones are the ones that contain chamomile, grapeseed, jojoba and rosehip oil, and they should be cold-pressed so they can keep their rich vitamin content. I think serums are the best pick for acne prone skin types, those who have pigment spots and those who wants to prevent aging. You can use them AM or PM but it depends on its ingredients.
Best Serums:

What are your favorite skin care products? 🙂 Which one do you like the most? What natural skin care products do you use? ^^ Let me know and let’s talk about it in the comments section below! :)♥

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