Why should you switch to natural & organic beauty products {Youtube video}

why should you switch to natural organic beauty products?

Hi my dear friends, Few posts earlier I wrote about why should you switch to natural & organic beauty products and yesterday I edited my very first video about it. I thought that it would be an awesome idea if I could create youtube videos for my posts too so I thought that the above mentioned post would be an awesome first step for me. Do you agree? 🙂 There are still a lot of people who don’t really understand why they should switch or how to switch. It’s more than just being good for your health. You know, there…

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Glamorous Mother’s Day Bundles from 100% Pure

100% Pure Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is soon here. This is one of the most beautiful holiday in every year. I wrote a post about more than 60 awesome mother’s day gift ideas few days before. I wanted to list 100% Pure’s gift bundles but this information is too long to list there so I decided to write a new post about it. Scroll down. Make her mother’s Day Glamorous On this day, we celebrate our mother. She was always on our side, she always protected and supported us no matter what. She is an awesome person and we will always love them. Let’s…

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Impressive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Your Mother Will Love

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas

How to Impress your mother on Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day is always held on May’s first Sunday so it will be held on the 7th of May this year. If you haven’t decided what to buy for your mother because there are a lot of great choices, or if you just simply don’t have any new idea then now I can show you some good ideas. I always try to find out new ideas every year but sometimes I have nothing in my mind. I’ve always been buying beautiful tulips and some nice gifts for my mother for Mother’s Day….

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Top 6 Reasons Why to Switch to Natural Cosmetics

6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Natural Cosmetics

What are the 6 reasons you should switch to natural cosmetics? If I should give you a short and simple answer, I would say because they are good for you. Yes, I know that it sounds typical but I’m not here to preach but to teach and inform you. 🙂 Below you can find the top 6 reasons why to switch to natural cosmetics. Did you know that before the appearance of huge cosmetic companies people used to use natural ingredients in their cosmetic products? Ancient Egyptians were the first people who started using makeup and it took an integral…

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Define Your Brows With The New 100% Pure Fiber Brow Builder

100% Pure Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder

100% Pure Fiber Brow Builder I was always looking for a nontoxic and natural brow definer gel but never find a good one. Recently, 100% Pure has released their newest product the Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder that is made from only nontoxic and natural ingredients. I was super excited when I saw that they’re going to release this product soon in one of their live video. This lightweight fiber gel formula is perfect for defining and sculpting brows for a fuller, more polished look. Green tea leaf fibers add volume while Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E strengthen brows….

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